The Ubiquitous DISC

There are very many versions of this type of test being sold around the world by different companies. There are at least 23 versions - sold under different brand names - in the UK alone.

All of the versions are quite similar. They are short usually around about 18-25 sets of questions. Some offer single word choices, others sentences or phrases.

The big difference between this version - produced by - and all of the others, is that this one costs you absolutely nothing !

You will not get a 27 (or more) page report with fancy graphics as some test companies offer. However, you are assured, that the results will probably be as accurate as any DISC type test report that you are ever likely to see.

The Ubiquitous DISC

This test contains 25 groups of statements. It should take you about 10 15 minutes to complete.

Study all the descriptions in each group of 4.
Select the one description that you consider Most Like You.
Study the remaining three choices in the same group.
Select the one description you consider Least Like You.
For each group of four descriptions you should only have one Most Like You and only one Least Like You.
Sometimes it may be difficult to decide which description to select. Please remember there are no right or wrong answers so just make the best decision you can.
Choose only one Most like you and only one Least like you in each group of 4.
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